[ANNOUNCEMENT] File_Therion-0.3.0 (alpha) Released.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] File_Therion-0.3.0 (alpha) Released.

PEAR Announce
The new PEAR package File_Therion-0.3.0 (alpha) has been released at http://pear.php.net/.

Release notes
Please note, that this release introduces some API changes that may be incompatible with your code.
* Implemented File_Therion::updateLines(); its now possible to create data files out of the object model!
* Fixed many small bugs
* Enhanced syntax checking
* Enhanced phpunit test cases
* Enhanced StructuredWriter to be able to deal with more file generation variants
* Added get*Dimension() functions in accordance with set*Dimensions(); old functions removed!
* Better handling for anonymous stations; they always report dash/dot as name regardless of prefix/postfix setting
* Fixed bug with generated equate commands, the survey chain was wrong with nested surveys
* Added header functionality, now one can specify a global header to be printed to any file
* Added basic centreline declination handling
* Added cs (coordinate-system) export support
* Better handling for default unit printing of units
* Fixed a bug with some locale's reporting comma instead of dot on float values (like length)
* Added support for grade-definitions
* Centerline: Implemented ordering of date/explo-date, team/explo-team commands.
* Centerline: RENAMED setDate() and setExploDate() to addDate() and addExploDate().
* Added Formatter-Feature: this allows you to add arbitary formatting instructions.
  Two default formatters exist by now:
  - File_Therion_BasicFormatter has basic formatting features and may serve as extension platform.
  - File_Therion_AddLineNumberFormatter as a small demo formatter, usable also for debug purposes.

Package Info
File_Therion provides object oriented interface for parsing, handling and writing Therion (http://therion.speleo.sk/) cave survey data files (*.th).
        It features Therions data model as PHP objects and can be used to interface between therion data files, various databases and PHP based user applications.

Related Links
Package home: http://pear.php.net/package/File_Therion
   Changelog: http://pear.php.net/package/File_Therion/download/0.3.0
    Download: http://download.pear.php.net/package/File_Therion-0.3.0.tgz

Benedikt Hallinger <[hidden email]> (lead)

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