[ANNOUNCEMENT] HTML_Form-1.3.1 (stable) Released.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] HTML_Form-1.3.1 (stable) Released.

PEAR Announce
The new PEAR package HTML_Form-1.3.1 (stable) has been released at http://pear.php.net/.

Release notes
composer release support

Package Info
This is a simple HTML form generator.  It supports all the
HTML form element types including file uploads, may return
or print the form, just individual form elements or the full
form in "table mode" with a fixed layout.

This package has been superceded by HTML_QuickForm.

Related Links
Package home: http://pear.php.net/package/HTML_Form
   Changelog: http://pear.php.net/package/HTML_Form/download/1.3.1
    Download: http://download.pear.php.net/package/HTML_Form-1.3.1.tgz

Stig Bakken <[hidden email]> (lead)
Daniel Convissor (lead)

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