[ANNOUNCEMENT] Net_DNS2-1.4.4 (stable) Released.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Net_DNS2-1.4.4 (stable) Released.

PEAR Announce
The new PEAR package Net_DNS2-1.4.4 (stable) has been released at http://pear.php.net/.

Release notes
- bugfix when returning an empty bitmap-type in BitMap.php - patch from BugMaster510945.
- added the BIND 9 private record RR (TYPE65534) - patch from BugMaster510945.
- added DNSSEC algorithms 13-16 (ECDSAP256SHA256, ECDSAP384SHA384, ED25519, and ED448).
- added SSHFP algoritm ED25519.
- modified Net_DNS2::sendPacket() to use current()/next() rather than the deprecated each() (deprecated in 7.2).

Package Info
Provides (roughly) the same functionality as Net_DNS, but using PHP5 objects, exceptions for error handling, better sockets support.

This release is (in most cases) 2x - 10x faster than Net_DNS, as well as includes more RR's (including DNSSEC RR's), and improved sockets and streams support.

Related Links
Package home: http://pear.php.net/package/Net_DNS2
   Changelog: http://pear.php.net/package/Net_DNS2/download/1.4.4
    Download: http://download.pear.php.net/package/Net_DNS2-1.4.4.tgz

Mike Pultz <[hidden email]> (lead)

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