How to piece together a SOAP_Value object, Dyn/Lit request

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How to piece together a SOAP_Value object, Dyn/Lit request


Maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.

I am trying to make soap request using PEAR::SOAP to a Dynamic/Literal
type soap server that has no WSDL. This accommodations server has plenty
of services and I'd like to build an extensible way to make different
requests through PEAR::SOAP. My idea was to have a base soap_value which
contains the base xml tree structure required for a legal request
(authentication etc.) and then insert another soap_value with a specific
request into the base soap_value tree, all SOAP_Value(s) being objects.
Then, of course, send the request with the updated SOAP_Value.

Does anyone know if there is something built into PEAR::SOAP that can help
with this? Or do I need to figure out how to loop through the soap_value
object to insert the extended request? Or I am I going about this the
wrong way?

I am new to objects and any help would greatly be appreciated.


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