PEAR2 server access request and future of Pyrus

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PEAR2 server access request and future of Pyrus

Vasil Rangelov
Hello all.

Since I'm not sure who has permissions for that, I'm writing this here...

I'd like to request some SSH credentials for the server where
is at. In particular I'd like to be able to "git push" to it, not just push
to GitHub (Which I already can; Thanks cweiske), though I'm also thinking
of maybe making a hook script for clearing the cache on successful pushes,
as the cache isn't always invalidated properly, leaving the page look
different than what Pyrus/PEAR reports.

Also, one other thing... For a while now, the domain has been...
well... expired, let's say. I can't say I'm surprised (for a number of
reasons...), but considering the dev tools are supposed to be available
from it, should we maybe consider moving all of Pyrus's stuff back into the
PEAR2 organization, and make it available from the site? Or
maybe get to be a separate PHP channel and site (as opposed
to it being an alias of, as is the case now)?

Vasil Rangelov, a.k.a. boenrobot