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QuickForm Controller problems with Internet Explorer

James Carr
Hi guys,

I am currently experiencing an issue with quickform controller in IE.
MY application works fine, except in IE it just keeps redisplaying the
first page. The first page basically just submits values from a select
box and a radio group, so I've included below the serialized array of
posted data from the same page in firefox and IE. It seems IE is
chopping off the a:next string, and omitting something else i cannot
think of. Anyway, I have also included the class as well as the html
output, please let me know if you can help or know how to work around
this issue.

Firefox $_POST:


html output (form only)
<form id="af"  action="/personal/lc/preapp/index.php" method="post"
name="a" id="a" onsubmit="return validate_a(this);" >
 <input type="hidden" name="PHPSESSID"  
value="fe3c274d9e927c5136f4d6c4e46c212e" />
<p id="required"><span style="font-size:80%;
color:#ff0000;">*</span><span style="font-size:80%;"> denotes required
><input name="_qf_default" type="hidden" value="a:next" />


       <div id="foo">
        <label for="type_of_loan">This is a loan for<span
         <select name="type_of_loan">
        <option value="">Select One...</option>
        <option value="Motorcycle">Motorcycle</option>
        <option value="Boat">Boat</option>

           <fieldset class="radiogroup">
        <legend>Type of Loan<span class="dot">*</span></legend>
        <label><input class="radio" name="app_type" value="individual"
type="radio" id="qf_256f25" />Individual</label>
        <label><input class="radio" name="app_type"
value="individual_stip" type="radio" id="qf_31cd8d" />Individual with
        <label><input class="radio" name="app_type" value="joint"
type="radio" id="qf_a007f2" />Joint</label>


        <input class="submit" name="next" value="Begin" type="submit" />
         <!-- main content ends -->

Class file:

// Class representing a form
class introPage extends HTML_QuickForm_Page
        var $_template = 'intro.tpl';
        /* this should be put in some super class to subclass */
        function getTemplate()
                return $this->_template;
        function buildForm()
                $this->_formBuilt = true;
        function _addRules()
                $this->addRule('type_of_loan', 'Please select what the loan is
for.', 'required', '', 'client');

        function _addFormElements()
                $this->addElement('header', 'titleHeader', 'Introduction');
                 // Add some elements to the form
                $type_of_loan = array('' =>'Select One...',
                                                          'Motorcycle' => 'Motorcycle',
                                                          'Boat' => 'Boat');

                $this->addElement('select', 'type_of_loan', 'This is a loan for<span
class="dot">*</span>:', $type_of_loan);
                $this->addElement('radio', 'app_type', 'Individual', NULL,
'individual', array('class' => 'radio'));
                $this->addElement('radio', 'app_type', 'Individual with
Stipulations', NULL,'individual_stip', array('class' => 'radio'));
                $this->addElement('radio', 'app_type', 'Joint', NULL, 'joint',
array('class' => 'radio'));

                $this->addElement('submit', 'next', 'Begin', array('class' => 'submit'));


And finally, the index page where the front controller is created and ran:

require_once ('./config.php');
require_once(INCLUDE_PATH . 'init.php');

// Instantiate the Controller
$controller =& new HTML_QuickForm_Controller('LoanPreApp', true);

// Add the page to Controller
$intro =& new introPage('a');
$controller->addPage( new ApplicantInfo('b') );
$controller->addPage( new ApplicantEmployment('c') );

// determine if this is an app including co-borrower
$values =& $controller->exportValues('a');

/* Display CoApplicant pages if app_type requires it */
if(($values['app_type'] == 'individual_stip')||($values['app_type'] == 'joint'))
        $controller->addPage( new coApplicantInfo('d') );
        $controller->addPage( new coApplicantEmployment('e') );

$controller->addPage( new referenceInfo('f') );

        case 'Motorcycle':
                $controller->addPage( new motorcycleInfo('g') );
        case 'Boat':
                $controller->addPage( new boatInfo('g') );

$controller->addPage( new confirmationPage('h') );

// Overide Default Actions
$controller->addAction('process', new ActionProcess());
$controller->addAction('display', new ActionDisplay());

// Process the request



Any ideas?


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