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Dan Rossi-3
I have developed working  from the examples a java app that streams the
binary data to standard output, the default one however requires u to
save the file then readfile, this removes that process and u just have
to passthru, It would seem highly logical to implement that into
XMLfo2pdf therefore I will give it a go. I also found a tool called
html2fo which will convert pure html to a FO file for reading. There is
also an xslt stylesheet on the web called xhtml2fo.xsl it requires a
bit of work, still yet to get that working with a pure html file.  So
there are two possibilities here, one generating the fo then passing it
to the java app, another sending the contents of the html file as an
argument ?? together with that xsl file, it transforms and spits back
the pdf as standard output. However i still need to tweak some loggin
that goes on to System.out !

On 05/05/2005, at 10:57 AM, James Carr wrote:

> Well, you could just install the commandline version of Apache XSL-FOP
> and use a pipe or some other method to execute it and generate the
> pdf. XSL-FO is a standard though, I am suprised someone hasn't written
> a pure php version (to memory expensive perhaps?).
> I wrote a small parser that converts an xml document into an object
> that you can set text to named fields, and generate a pdf, but it's
> pretty adhoc and designed pretty much for generating application
> forms.
> On 5/3/05, Dan Rossi <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> Hmm the last cvs update was 2 years ago, I found something similar,
>> saves the pain of manually drawing grids with fpdf, it uses fpdf but
>> has its own xsl style markup language :)
>> Anyone seen this before ?
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